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Changchun Wancheng Bio-Electron Co., Ltd.

Since 2002

Our story

Changchun Wancheng Bio-Electron Co., Ltd. was set up in 2002 and specialized in research and develop-ment, production and sales of Medical Appliances and Reagents.

We are a professional manufacturer of Medical Urine Test Strips,Water Test Strips, Rapid Test Kits, Urine Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer and Hematology Reagent.

As for the Medical Urine Ana-lyzers, we provide semi-aotomatic W-200 & W-600 series. As for the Hematology Analyzer, we provide 3-part diff Hematology Analyzer CBC-6000. And 5-part diff Hematology Analyzer will be finished & marketing in 2019. Our core products Urine Test Strips include 1-14 parameters. All the products we provide come with good quality and competitive price.

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