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Anti-VC Strip



Sample supply:

  1.  We can serve 2 bottles urine strips for free, customer bear the freight.

  2.  Customize different panels urine strips, bottle label and outer paper box based on customer ‘s needs.

Instruction for use:

Step 1 Remove a test strip, taking care not to touch the reaction fields.
Step 2 Immediately close the container again.

This protects the remaining test strips from humidity and guarantees strip integrity up to the expiry date indicated.

Step 3 Dip the test strip for about 1 second into the fresh urine specimen.

Wipe off any excess urine on the rim of the vessel and blot the edge of the test strip on tissue paper.

Step 4 Read the result by comparing the test fields with the color scale on the test pack after 30


1. Bottle should be used within 60 days of first opening.

2. Keep away from light and moisture.

3. Do not leave in the bathroom to avoid moisture.

4. Tightly replace cap after removing strips from the bottle. 

5. Do not remove desiccants or touch test areas.

6. Use within expiration date.

Additional information

Dimensions 4.6 × 4.6 × 12 cm
Place of Origin

Jilin, China

Shelf Life

2 years






Visual Acuity Examination Apparatus


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